Who Do You Serve…..the Dark or the Light?

We would like to introduce the writers and contributors of this blog as the Imaginary Kryptonite team. We are a group of like-minded individuals from all over the world working together to relay important information to assist the Consciousness Breakthrough, leading to the Phase Transition Event by a Galactic Superwave, as prophesied for this time in Human history. This great Shift of the Ages will bring forth a new paradigm of freedom, health, spiritual awakening, advanced technology, and much more. It is up to us to set the precedent for this paradigm shift.

Here is some information about the ancient prophecies, and from modern day science discussing a great shift in consciousness on Earth:

Our team has been working behind the scenes for many years with the Light Forces on this planet who are catalysts for monumental, positive change. We have direct connections to the Dragon Gates and many important, credible sources. This blog can be considered one of the mouthpieces for the Light, by a team of people working together in harmony and unity with a common goal; accelerating the Breakthrough.

The focus here is not on intel about exo-political/political situations planetwide. We are focused upon tasks necessary for all individuals in the Awakened Community to assist the transition in their unique way. The focus will be on personal, and planetary missions to assist the operations of the Light Forces.

It is vital now to work together to create unification within the Light Community. We must have this stability in order to achieve the Consciousness Breakthrough, leading up to the Phase Transition Event/Shift of the Ages, as it is known by many names throughout time, from many credible sources. Whatever you choose to call it, know that you have the ability to assist in changing the energy on this planet, and to help support the most positive timeline for Humanity, the True Earth Timeline. You are here for this very reason. You chose to be incarnated now to assist and witness this entire process. It is time for the 144,000 to work together. No more excuses. Let go of the old paradigm of separation and infighting, and let’s create a new, more enlightened paradigm.

The Critical Importance of Unifying the Awakened Community

We must create a unified network of higher consciousness on the surface of the planet to continue to support the Breakthrough. Unification will speed up the process of the Breakthrough. It will result in a smooth transition during the Galactic Central Sun solar flashes which will elevate the consciousness upon Earth, our entire solar system, and clear the remaining dark anomaly. The strength and unified efforts of the Awakened Community will assist to achieve this critical shift necessary to create a better world. Informative articles from various sources regarding a great cosmic shift. From Cobra describing the “Event”

A nice compilation of information from Cobra’s blog by T.Zumi. This information shows how far we have come…from ‘Resistance’ to the ‘Breakthrough’ 

We will focus on unifying with each other in easy ways to break the negative pattern of engaging in dramas and infighting which only serves the Dark agenda. We will focus on viewing the ‘bigger picture’ to override the urge to engage in drama. Seeing situations through the eyes of Source, or viewing the bigger picture, helps to understand that everyone has wounds, and we must be mindful of this fact.  No one is exempt from being wounded by traumatic experiences at some point during our existence on this planet. We must begin with compassion, and understanding.

We must learn to manage our reactions and take control of our emotions. Learn to put a stop to dramas and infighting in the Awakened Community. This is the most effective tool, and negative program the Dark has ‘downloaded’ into the Light Community to cause disunity! To work against each other instead of support each other. Many people are reacting horribly toward each other, falling victim to this negative program. It’s time to end this once and for all. We must collectively make the decision to be kind. We must all make the choice to assist the consciousness Breakthrough instead of perpetuating the infighting the Dark has created, and delay the full Breakthrough even longer.

Look at it this way:   

  • When you fight with each other, you are literally working for the Dark! 
  • When you act with kindness and compassion, and healthy boundaries, you are working for the Light. It is that simple.                                                                                       

You must be constantly aware of how you express, wield and manage your energy. It is critical for the most positive Ascension Timeline to continue to anchor solidly into reality. Make a choice, and stick to it instead of constantly wavering from side to side. We can no longer be part of the problem! We must be the solution. You must learn to control your emotions. You must learn to control your reactions. Be the change. Be the Light. Be a Master. Here is a great article on Self Mastery.

It does not matter if you believe the Earth is flat, or if you believe the Earth is round. What matters is we agree the Earth must be liberated! We can agree to disagree on differing belief systems. We must focus on the common ground we all have…which is to see the world become a better place for everyone!  We require justice for all living beings, and Karmic justice to prevail for those committing crimes against Humanity. It is time.

Respect as a Tool to Achieve Unity

We become tools for the Dark to use against each other when we attack and create negative dramas. This is a perfect means for the Dark to ‘hijack’ us to engage in psychically/emotionally attacking others, and vice versa. It is vital to have respect for the opinions and actions of others. If you do not like something, you can walk away peacefully, and gracefully. Be neutral. Do not invoke an argument.  We are not saying to allow harm or criminal behavior, we are saying do not argue or try to dominate, just allow others to express and find ways to resolve differences peacefully.

The time for division, attacking and drama is over! The battle is not with fellow members of the Awakened Community, it is with the Dark. We must understand this is a tactic the Dark has utilized to extend years of control over the Awakened Community, and their dominion on this planet. Separation, dividing belief systems, and spiritual superiority/Egoic attitudes, have allowed the Dark to stall the Breakthrough. Remember, what we allow will continue. Be aware, and take responsibility. Bruce Lee was a master in many ways. His wisdom can help us stay centered and act with integrity.

What Team Are You Playing For?

What team are you actually playing for when you create, participate and perpetuate drama? You are playing for the Dark! When you tell a negative story with a judgmental attitude, (a lower emotional vibration) this action increases negative energy the Dark requires to survive. You are increasing negativity by spreading the story with a mean attitude. With this action, you are serving the Dark. Is it necessary to spread gossip or make a problem worse? Or to attack another because you are not handling your stress well? One can transmute any negativity by sending light, and ask for assistance/healing from Source and Guides to dissolve any disharmony/stress, and come up with a resolution. This is how we disarm and transmute the actions of the Dark! We make lemonade from a big sour lemon.

We must be mindful of our actions. Of our every thought from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second. We must make constant inner ‘check-ins’ to insure we only participate in the work of the Light!! The little actions we take to communicate with kindness, paying attention to thoughts and actions seem so simple and unimportant, but, are extremely effective in curtailing disharmony and infighting. This is a critical moment on the timeline of Humanity, we must play our part to end programmed behavior. Take control of your actions, your emotions and elevate yourself to the level of a Master instead of a sheep.

There is much discipline in creating balance and harmony. It is our responsibility as Awakened beings to create the new paradigm of personal relating if we desire to create peace and harmony in the world. We must be the new role models. This is a major aspect of our work together in the Light Community…to lay the groundwork to create inner-peace, unity, and assist the planet with Her transformation. We cannot have a new world with old behavior patterns!

We must work together with a unified collective intention to manifest the best possible scenario for Humanity. Mass meditations have proven to literally reduce crime rate in certain areas where groups were meditating. It is called the Maharishi Effect. Imagine if the entire collective of awakened members of Humanity were to focus on one intention at the same time? It would create a powerful outcome. This unification is the goal we must achieve together, both with meditations and common intent. This article explains the Maharishi Effect. There are many groups already created participating in mass mediation, please join if you feel guided.

How Distorted Belief Systems Created by the Dark Divide Us

Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous” -Ravi Zacharias

Differing belief systems of all kinds play a huge role in creating disunity. We must agree to allow others to have their opinions and put Ego aside and respect the individual or group we may disagree with. The common denominator is we all want planetary liberation. If you refuse to engage in a situation where you harshly impose your belief system, or disrespect another for their beliefs, you are actually allowing the energy of Unity to be generated! This is the act of a person operating from the Heart. You must look at the bigger picture to genuinely see we are all in this together. We all want a better world. By trying to force another to believe as you do, will not and cannot create a better world, it only creates distress/anguish by manipulating the free will of another. It creates separation, and division, and perpetuates the will of the Dark.

We can gently express our opinion, and if they are willing to listen with an open mind, this is a beautiful thing. If they are not receptive, let it go. Find commonalities instead of faults and ways to divide us even more. We are not here to find fault in each other. We are not here to feel superior to another. We are here to help each other create a better world together! No one is going to cross the finish line first.  We are all going to cross it together as a unified collective of Beings holding the same intention for planetary Liberation. This is just the way of the Universe. We are the Light Team!  

Let’s start behaving that way. Take opportunities to repair burned bridges between friends, family,  and fellow Light team members, and forgive yourself, and others for any past actions, and start fresh now. This will support the energy of unity and cohesive heart energy. The heart has an intelligence that supersedes the Egoic mind. When we act from love, from the intelligence of our heart, we are operating from our higher self. This act heals ourselves, and others we engage with. Here’s information from the HeartMath Institute discussing this concept. The Dark have worked together in unity for centuries to maintain their control. It is time we work together to anchor the Light once and for all. This article has techniques to assist with learning to shift perspective and beliefs in a positive way. 

Our Outdated Perceptions Must Change

We have chosen the name, “Imaginary Kryptonite” to relay we are NOT victims of programs and beliefs taught by the “powers that be.” Fear is used to control the masses into believing the false perception that we are weak and helpless. “Releasing Limiting Beliefs Obstructing Our Ascension Path” is the byline. This expresses the power we have in waking up from false perception, and unifying our intent to achieve enlightenment.

When we utilize the innate power we possess and unite through meditation, and common intent, we will achieve wonderful results. The fact is, if we believe we are helpless and powerless, this becomes our weakness, our ‘Kryptonite’. In actuality, we are not weak or powerless, just tired. It is an imaginary perception. It is time to wake up from the bad dream!  We can work together to achieve a better situation by connecting together with a cohesive consciousness field radiating Light, support, unity and Love. This is the nemesis of the Dark.

We have the power within us to break free from the programming and emotional straps tying us down to a false perception. Stop letting the Imaginary Kryptonite fool you! It begins with each of us knowing we are Beings created by Source. We must honor each other and ourselves, and operate through compassion of the heart. Our Dragon Gates partners urge us to relate with love toward each other as the Breakthrough has already begun. This article explains how love heals, and love empowers. The time is now.  From Secure Team 10 discussing an unprecedented burst of pure light in our Galaxy. 

May every step together forge the True Earth Timeline.

With unconditional love,

Crystal Green, and the IK Light Team